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j’aime pas les nouveau SSR




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et rare couleur



de la qualité a la tonne


pour ceux qui aiment les détails, amusez-vous :

Competizione R  >  y a pas meilleur setup pour un GTR34


– Top Secret prepped block (oil/water galley etc.)

– HKS Step III 2.8 L kit (87 mm x 77.7 mm)

– Nismo N1 bearings and seals

– HKS IN/EX metal gaskets

– Trust extended oil pan and pick up

– Trust oil pan baffle plating

– HKS Metal Flow air filters (x2) & polished speed density conversion

– HKS GT-2835R A/R 0.73 turbine kit (x2)

– ARC Pro Class twin entry intercooler

– Nismo GT surge tank

– Top Secret/NAPREC custom port matched

– Custom NAPREC ø49 mm oversized throttles

– HKS exhaust manifolds

– HKS GT wastegate (x2)

– Top Secret Drag front pipes ø 80 mm

– HKS Metal Sports ø 75 mm sports catalyser

– Trust Ti-R titanium exhaust system 90 mm

– Bosh Motorsport 550 fuel pumps (x2) & Nismo in-tank fuel pump

– Top Secret fuel collector

– Earls custom braided fuel lines & fittings

– Sard fuel pressure regulator

– Trust Grex fuel rail

– Top Secret/Sard 1000 cc/min injectors

– Top Secret SPL ported & polished head

– HKS 1.2 mm metal head gasket

– Tomei head bolts

– HKS 272º & 10.5 mm lift (IN/EX)

HKS Limited Edition Valcon V-Cam Pro 16/30

– Tomei valve springs (double)

– Tomei titanium valve retainers

– Tomei valve seats

– Top Secret slide cam pulleys

– Top Secret Super timing belt

– Blitz Racing 8 spark plugs

– Nismo N1 engine mounts

– Trust oil pump

– Nismo N1 water pump

– Yashio Super Race radiator

– Sard Type-D thermo

– Sard water filler cap

– Billion polished power steering fluid tank

– Top Secret oil catch tank custom rerouted into intake

– HRD 130A High Power alternator

– M-spec Nur high power battery and upgraded lines

– HKS 15-row oil cooler

– Trust oil filter relocation & HKS billet filler cap

– Top Secret oil bypass collector tank & Earls lines

– Tabata RR Race radiator & HKS cap

– Garage Defend carbon radiator shroud

– Samco silicone radiator hoses

– Robson carbon fan shroud

– Robson carbon fuse box cover

– Robson carbon spark cover

– Top Secret chromed engine covers

– HKS F-Con V Pro fueling computer


– ATS twin plate carbon clutch with 1350 kg pressure plate

– ATS lightened & balanced flywheel

– Nismo Spec III racing clutch operating cylinder

– Top Secret Super Release shift fork

– Nismo large diameter input shaft

– Cusco Type RS rear LSD

Suspension & Brakes:

– Nitron Pro NTCNIO12R 3-way adjustable racing suspension kit

– Cusco adjustable rear upper arms

– Top Secret HICAS remover kit

– Ikeya Formula front pillow adjuster links

– Ikeya Formula front upper links

– Ikeya Formula roll center adjuster lower arms kit

– Ikeya Formula tie rod ends

– Ikeya Formula multi-link spacers

– Ikeya Formula adjuster rear lower arms

– Ikeya Formula rear camber adjuster bar arms

– Ikeya Formula traction adjuster rods

– Ikeya Formula rear knuckle pillow bushes

– Cusco carbon Pro front strut bar

– Brembo 8-pot calipers with 380 mm 2-piee slotted rotors (front)

– Brembo 4-pot calipers with 355 mm 2-piece slotted rotors (rear)

– Endless CC-R brake pads

– Top Secret braided brake lines

Wheels & Tires:

– Spark Silver Volk Racing TE37 19×9.5 +12 (front & rear)

– Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 275/30/19 (front & rear)


– Top Secret custom dark grey blue pearl paint with glass coating

– Nismo Z-tune front bumper

– Top Secret carbon front diffuser

– Nismo Z-tune front fenders

– Nismo R-tune carbon vented hood

– Top Secret carbon hood dampers

– Do-Luck side skirts

– Top Secret rear carbon diffuser

– Top Secret rear carbon vortex generators

– Ganador Super Mirror

– Nismo dry carbon rear wing blade

– Custom Top Secret carbon wing mounts

– Shaved 3rd brake light and lock from trunk lid

– Top Secret smoked LED fog lights/reverse lights

– Sunline Racing v2 LED lights with LED blinkers

– Nismo front & side smoked indicators

– Nismo carbon pillar garnish

– R35 GT-R front grille emblem

– PIAA carbon type wipers


– Top Secret custom spot welded chassis

– Top Secret/Personal steering wheel with Robson Leather alcantara & blue stitching

– RBH boss

– Ronson Leather custom carbon/alcantara upholstering

– Robson Leather carbon center console & various inserts

– Robson Leather alcantara headliner

– Nismo Combination Meter

– XaNavi Birdview navigation system

– Blitz Type-R Dual SBC

– Nismo MFD Ver. 2

– HKS Type 1 turbo timer

– HKS Variable fan controller

– HKS V-Cam controller

– NEKO Corporation AF700 A/F meter

– Pioneer DEH P919 head unit

– Top Secret gear knob

– V-spec II pedal set

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Dope jzx100 w/ Doluck wheels


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Mine’s GTR


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mes prochaines; so fresh  lol



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